The Most Creative Ways to Save for Down Payment

It has been a norm for everyone to own a home. However, just by looking at the price trend of house for sale in Selangor, you might find that owning a home is not as easy as it seems. You might have worked out a plan that will help you secure a loan and as well as paying up the loan, one blocker that deters most of us from owning a house will be the need to paying the 10% downpayment. But fear not, as there are a number of creative ways you can use to save for down payment.

Get Affordable Alternatives

How much do you spend on a daily needs? You can now lower your daily spends by finding affordable alternatives. For example, you can choose to drop the membership at the gym and involve yourself in simple exercise at home like cycling and running among others. This means that you will be able to save more for the down payment.

Apart from this, you can also avoid the expensive cable subscriptions and go for the Netflix or iFlix, though it may not offer you all the programs. This, therefore, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to follow such programs as you can watch out at a friend’s place or a nearby bar. You may also consider cutting on the amount you spend on your meals. This is by finding an affordable and healthy diet to substitute your diet. Through these simple and creative tips, you will definitely own that house for sale that you have always been longing for and say goodbye to paying rent anymore.

Let Your Hobbies Become Your Side Gigs

What do you love doing during free times? You can be a pro at doing certain simple activities like sewing, graphic design, writing, and playing sports among others. These are some hobbies that you can always turn into your side gigs to make extra cash for your down payment saving. This is because there are a number of individuals out there who are interested in such skills and will be willing to pay some cash for them.

Besides this, you can always go online and look out for the best sites that may hire you to do various errands and households duties for others within your community. There are a number of jobs that you can always do like pet sitting, shopping, assembling furniture, and much more. Through such simple duties, you will be able to earn and save some extra cash. This means that you will easily own the house of your dream. All you need is to be smarter and determined to achieve bigger.

Grow Your Savings

Turning your savings into more savings is another creative saving tip that will enable you to own your dream home soonest. You can easily grow your savings by carefully investing the money. For example, you may consider the mutual funds, certificates of deposit, high-yield savings account, and peer-to-peer lending just to name a few. It is highly advisable that you get a proper advice on the most suitable investment option for your savings in order to avoid certain disappointments. Besides this, you should also carefully weigh the risks of the various investment options based on your timeline.

For individuals you aren’t sure of the right investment option, you may consider the high-yield savings accounts. This is because they are insured by the federal government; hence one of the ultimate conservative choices. Apart from the listed options, you can also find more from friends or financial experts. Such investments will enable you to grow your savings faster than you may expect.

Make it Competitive 

Do you have a friend who also has the same dreams of owning a home just like you? In case you do, then you should take advantage of the situation. This is by having a competitive saving plan with the friend to find out who will hit the goal first. Through having such simple competition, you will never find saving hard, but fun.

On the other hand, the competition doesn’t have to be with a friend or a relative. Once a house for sale is out to the public, there will be many buyers and likely you will be one of them. All you need is to be smarter and say that I have to buy this house within the certain time duration. With such in mind, you will even be able to save more and more. It, therefore, means that before beginning to save for the down payment, you have to set a goal and duration. This is one of the secrets of savings you need to put into place before starting to save.

Reward Yourself

Today, most people are too busy with their work to reward themselves. In order to make life simple and enjoyable, you always need to reward yourself once in a while by doing something you love most. This also applies when it comes to saving for the down payment. You will first need to break down your savings goals into easily manageable chunks that you can afford. For each and every milestone you achieve, it is advisable to get a low-cost reward for yourself. For example, you can go out and do something you cherish like hiking or treating yourself to a dinner. This will always give you more strength to move on with the saving plan; hence you will get the opportunity of being one of the homeowners and forget the stress of landlords.

These are some of the creative ways that you need to practice whenever you think of owning a home. There are a number of houses for sale on the market today and without being smart, you may fail to achieve your target. Saving is known to be kind of tricky, but with the above simple tips, you will find it fun and enjoyable. You should always set your goals right and believe in yourself. For the best saving plan, you need to find more income sources by turning your hobbies into side gigs. You also need to make the saving competitive and within the shortest time possible, you will be able to buy your own home. These are the best and simple tips you need to consider whenever you think of having your own home.

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  4. Point no.2, people nowadays can consider blogging as the side income as well.

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